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As this is the first issue of Superman after the conclusion of the Reborn saga, it is convenient to make a small recapitulation of events to get us in the background. Superman Reborn has told us the story of how one of the prisoners of the villain Mr. Oz managed to escape his captivity. In particular, Mr. Mxyzptlk, who, in order to prevent Oz from finding him again, erased his own memory and pretended to be the fake Clark Kent without the powers we had seen sporadically. But when his memory came back unexpectedly, Mxy blamed Superman for abandoning him to his fate and decided to take revenge by kidnapping his son and taking him to the fifth dimension, where Lois and Clark would have to overcome a series of tests to recover it. The story took a turn with the appearance of the Superman and the Lois of the New 52, ​​revealing that the Superman New 52 was formed by an aura of red energy and the classic by a blue aura, and that neither of the two Supermen that we were seeing They were complete. In order to recover Jon, both Supermen merged those red and blue essences into one, resulting in what could be considered the complete or definitive Superman, and thus rewriting the past of both characters in one. What is being a "anything goes" of which we now have this new status quo of Superman that we find in this number 20, and in which we see that few things have changed with respect to what we were reading from the beginning of Rebirth, except that the Kent are again the Kent (goodbye to the Smiths), and that Jon is still his son. Come on, that for those who have read Marvel, this has been a kind of "mephistazo". But the good thing is that the Superman resulting from this merger is basically the same as we had seen in Rebirth. The good, the inspiring, the one who always has the perfect phrase and the one who thinks before hitting. This, coupled with the fantastic new look that Patrick Gleason has given him by combining the colors of the belt and returning the splendid red boots, makes reading these adventures feel very close to those who have read Superman for years. The pimp finished with a shirt and jeans. Goodbye to the nanotechnological suit, or to the wristbands, or to the high neck. Here, finally, we have Superman in appearance and in soul.


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